Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs. Digital Kitchen Scale - Review - Alabama review blogger

Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs. Digital Kitchen Scale, with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection.

Our review: 

I have an Etsy Shop - Sissy's Emporium that I sell products in. I've always used one of these scales to help me with weighing
my products in order to ship them. I really love how slim it is , light weight the scale is and just how easy it is for me to place it into storage with my empty envelopes .

I can only imagine how well it will be while using it in the kitchen. Weighing out foods in order to properly track food consumption during my diet weeks will be able to allow me to see a more accurate account of what I'm really putting into my body.

I definitely give this product a 10!

Hope you enjoy the review and please make sure to send us any photos or videos you may have of this amazing product so that we can feature them here!

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Detailed Information from the company : 

Industry exclusive scale features Microban antimicrobial product protection that helps prevent 
the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
Boasts 2 touch sensitive buttons, 4 high precision GFX sensors, a large Blue LCD screen, 
and a capacity range of 0.05 oz to 18 lbs or 1 g to 8000 g.
Award-winning thin design is infused with Microban antimicrobial technology to provide
 an added level of protection that won't ever wear away.
Precision Tare button subtracts the container weight for the net ingredient weight; easy 
Unit button instantly converts between lb/oz, g, fl.oz., ml.
Includes 2 Lithium batteries and an easy-access battery compartment (no screwdriver needed). 
NOTE: remove the battery insulating strip before attempting to use the device.

Click Here for More Information - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BZE3WW8

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